Water Transport

Water Transport

Water Transport: Access to the Wide World

  Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is reliant on maritime shipping for most of its supplies. Currently, there are 283 vessels with the capacities of over 100 tons registered in Taiwan. Total annual freight tonnage exceeds 46 million metric tons.

  Adapting to trends in maritime shipping, MOTC is committed to establishing an advantageous environment for maritime shipping that provides outstanding service to industry and the public, while raising safety levels on ships as well as the increasing the overall competitiveness of the nation's maritime shipping industry.

  MOTC will continue to assess and revise related maritime regulations in conjunction with trends toward liberalization, convenience, combined transport, and door-to-door services. It will also speed the development and transformation of Taiwan's commercial ports and work to develop cross-strait shipping.  Finally, MOTC will respond to the trend toward international cruises by developing domestic harbors to be ports of call for cruise ships and thus raising Taiwan's global maritime status.



























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