Telecommunications: Seamless Networks, Happy Life

  As the mobile broadband frequency planner in Taiwan, the MOTC is responsible for properly allocating frequencies to meet the requests of each field.

       Currently, 5G is being unrolled worldwide, and the MOTC is focusing on this issue in order to keep up with international developments. The MOTC is tracking the roll out in each country so as to keep up with international 5G conditions, as well as paying close attention to the Taiwan’s 5G industry development so that we can create an environment to boost our country’s economy.

  Developments in mobile communications are gradually moving toward integrated application services, such as those involved in creating “smart cities” and the Internet of Things. By efficiently gathering data and integrating knowledge with an attitude of openness and taking the initiative, MOTC will both provide innovative platforms and engage in spectrum planning.

  The aim is to foster development and innovation within the ICT industry in accordance with the government policy of striving for universal broadband access, in recognition that such access is becoming a basic human right.




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