Revised Boundaries for Port of Keelung Soon to be Announced

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Revised Boundaries for Port of Keelung Soon to be Announced

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Major revisions to the boundary line of the Port of Keelung, TIPC that were drawn up by port officials and approved by the Executive Yuan on December 22nd, 2018 took effect on February 23rd in an announcement by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). The revisions were made to bring the Port of Keelung better in line with current administrative needs and with national tourism development objectives.

A representative of the Port of Keelung stated that the changes were made to support the port''s long-term development, utilization, and administrative needs in a way that respected and upheld the authorities and responsibilities of the port’s various departments as well as considered and accommodated the concerns of the Keelung City Government and other relevant agencies. Adjustments to the boundary of the port affect 11 parcels of land and involve outside agencies including the National Property Administration, Keelung City Government, Taiwan Railways Administration, and Maritime Port Bureau. Altogether, the port ceded a total of 7.0893ha and gained a total of 4.7076ha, the latter being mostly offshore water area.

Looking to promote urban development and tourism and to respect the input and opinions of public representatives and city government officials, the revisions cede port claims on Zhongshan 1st and 2nd Roads in support of Keelung City''s urban redevelopment plans. Further, the port ceded Zhengbin Fishing Harbor and associated berths along Zhongzheng Road in support of local plans to develop the area as a scenic district.

The significant changes in economic activity, city and community development, and urban planning since the last revision in July 1993 necessitated the adjustments proposed in the current revision. The new boundary brings further clarity to the port’s boundary, facilitating improved administration and the further advancement of tourism in Taiwan’s northernmost port city.

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