Railways: Linking Cities, Connecting the Countryside

  There are 1,065.0 kilometers of railway in Taiwan. Over 232 million passengers and 7.7 million metric tons of freight are carried by trains per year. The high-speed rail system, with an average of 166,000 passengers per day, accounts for 350 kilometers of these rails. With respect to urban mass rapid transit systems, the MRT in Taipei comprises 131 kilometers of track and hosts 2 million passenger trips per day. The Red and Orange lines in Kaohsiung stretch for a total of 43 kilometers and host 176,000 passenger trips per day. The combination of metropolitan mass rapid transit systems with regular railways form a highly efficient rail-based transportation network.

  MOTC is working on creating an even more orderly and convenient railway transportation for Taiwan, raising the overall efficiency of rail service for Hualien and Taitung and building a robust urban-rural railway service.
MOTC envisions a public transportation system that prioritizes customer satisfaction while marching toward its goals of green transportation and seamless transportation.

















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