Ports and Harbors


Ports and Harbors: Facilitating Trade and Shipping

  Taiwan is home for seven international ports with a total yearly container capacity of 15 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). These ports are up-to-date with global maritime shipping trends, featuring comprehensive port facilities and a wide variety of stevedore services.

  With core values emphasizing professionalism, innovation, execution, and an international perspective, the ports combine the functions of warehousing and logistics with tourism and property management. All of the Taiwan ports work hard to bolster the capacity of harbor operations and strengthen the management of customer relations, while creating a sustainable operational environment.

  MOTC will actively work to develop Taiwan into an East Asia center for container transshipment, replete with all associated value-added activities.

  These efforts include turning Port of Kaohsiung into a core base for global operations, integrating Taiwan's port resources and pushing expansion with the aim of fostering an outstanding operating environment while stimulating port development so that Taiwan's ports can serve as a hub of shipping in the Asia-Pacific.

  Finally, via the adoption of smart technologies, Taiwan's ports will see an improvement in the overall efficiency of their port operations and competitiveness.








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