1. The administrators of MOTC include the Minister, two of the Political Deputy Minister, and the Administrative Deputy Minister.
  2. MOTC is divided into Internal Division and External Division.
  3. Internal Division includes: Secretariat, Office of Technical Superintendents, Office of Counselors, Department of General Affairs, Department of Personnel, Department of Civil Service Ethics, Department of Accounting, Department of statistics, Legal Affairs Committee, Petition Reviewing Committee, Road Traffic Safety Committee, Office of Science and Technology Advisors, Information Management Center, Transportation Mobilization Committee, Department of Railways and Highways, Department of posts and Telecommunications, Department Navigation and Aviation, Transportation and Communications Management Unit .
  4. External Division includes: Freeway Bureau , Civil Aeronautics Adminstration , Tourism Bureau , Directorate General of Highways , Central Weather Bureau , Railway Bureau ,  Maritime and Port BureauInstitute of Transportation , Chunghwa Post Co.,Ltd. , Taiwan Railway Administration , Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd. , Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd.
Organization  Minister Political Deputy Minister Political Deputy Minister Administrative Deputy Minister

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