New Yacht Marina and Container Handling Facilities Carrying the Port of Anping Confidently Forward into 2020

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New Yacht Marina and Container Handling Facilities Carrying the Port of Anping Confidently Forward into 2020

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Working to meet the cargo handling, economic development, and cultural and tourism promotion needs of the heritage-rich Greater Tainan area, Anping Port is administered with a focus on tourism in its northern district and on free-trade commerce in its southern district. Thus, in addition to traditional passenger and cargo-handling functions, the port is also promoting tourism, leisure, and recreation functions as well, as part of a strategic effort to diversify operations. The ‘twin-engine’ (tourism / free-trade commerce) approach at Anping Port has already made significant forward progress.

In terms of tourism development, construction on phase one of the Argo Yacht Club’s 62-berth marina and club facility has drawn to a successful close, with several dozen sailboat berths now fully operable and the yacht club now open for business. The 1st Tainan Anping Yachting Festival in November, hosted at Argo Yacht Club, earned high marks from sponsors and participants alike.

This year (2020), the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) will help facilitate Argo Yacht Club’s smooth progress on phase two, which, once completed, will add 138 yacht berths, villa accommodations, a resort hotel, an apartment hotel, and an office building, creating the Port of Anping International Yacht District with strong fundamentals in sea & maritime education and environment-friendly water leisure & recreation facilities. Concurrently, TIPC will in mid-2020 issue a public invitation to bid on business operations in Anping Port Tourism & Recreation Zone B. This zone, neighboring the marina (Zone A), covers a total 16.3ha (13.47ha of land + 2.83ha of water). Initial plans envision the development of a seaside resort (senior living center) and large shopping complex along with businesses serving the supply and maintenance needs of yacht owners and operators. Domestic and overseas businesses are encouraged to invest and join in this rare opportunity to create with TIPC and the Tainan City Government an entirely new coastal spotlight attraction.

In terms of the further expansion and growth of free-trade commerce at Anping Port, Cheng Yi Free Trade Transport Co. has, with assistance from Maritime and Port Bureau and Tainan City Government authorities, secured a permit to establish a container freight station at Anping Port wharf nos. 8 and 9, with operations expected to commence later this year.

TIPC officials note that Cheng Yi Free Trade Transport’s plans for its 2.5ha plot at Anping Port include construction of a container freight station with storage and handling facilities for 276 refrigerated and 200 standard loaded / empty containers, 3 FTZ bonded warehouse buildings, and one administration / office building. Initially, plans are to open one, biweekly regional container ship route to Anping. Cheng Yi Free Trade Transport is actively working on planning and construction and will submit operating permit applications after construction work is finished in late spring / early summer. The company is also aggressively preparing for FTZ operations and expects to become Anping Port’s second free trade zone business. In addition to supplying the existing cargo handling and transport needs of cargo owners in the Greater Tainan area, Cheng Yi Free Trade Transport looks forward to helping Anping Port continuously set and break new milestones for handled cargo volumes in the years to come.

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