Building for the Future

1.Enhance the international competitiveness of sea and air portals, driving Taiwan's industrial restructuring: build international logistics capabilities, strengthen international competitiveness; take advantage of advanced management techniques, improve logistics efficiency; review existing laws and regulations, provide a sound financial environment.
2.Promote green energy and humanistic, transports;fulfill our responsibility as world citizens: promote low-carbon energy-efficient transports and protect the environment; provide seamless public shuttle bus service to promote green transport; improve pedestrian and bicycle users' environment, achieve humanistic transportation.
3.Establish a convenient, safe transportation network, ensure a high- quality living environment: sound intercity urban transportation, complete infrastructure; based on transportation service characteristics, endeavor to integrate the systems; strengthen safety management mechanism, reduce disaster risks and accident rates; combine intelligent transportation technology to provide reliable service.
4.Creating a tourist-friendly environment to realize the influence of Taiwan's soft power internationally: internally, enhancing balanced regional economic development and optimizing tourism quality; externally, strengthening Taiwan’s tourism image and improving travelers’ experience.
5.Meet the diverse needs of customers while providing excellent and universally trusted service: provide universal, fair, and reasonable service, support major national economic construction projects and promote the public interest.
6.Optimize forecasting technology capabilities, provide sophisticated and diversified meteorological services: sophisticate life in townships, bolster disaster prevention weather reports, strengthen the ability to provide breaking news on earthquakes and tsunami warnings, enhance social awareness of climate changes, build customized communications and mobile service interface



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