Air Transport

Air Transport

Aviation: East Asian Hub for Global Travel 

  Taiwan is an East Asia air transport hub, with 17 airports, connections to more than 57 countries or areas, and approximately 300 regular passenger and cargo flights that connect Taiwan to 149 global cities. More than 68 million passengers annually pass through Taiwan’s airports.

  With the rapid growth in passenger volume, the MOTC is actively planning airport renovations and expansions, as well as replacing or adding related aviation facilities, thus raising the international competitiveness and the image of Taiwan's airports.

  The MOTC also works hard to improve the quality of service at airports, continuing to negotiate and sign air service agreements with other countries or areas to expand the number of global destinations served by flights from Taiwan.

  The result will give airlines greater operation flexibility , strengthen Taiwan airport’s ability to handle international transfers, and raise the competitiveness of the overall airline industry here. Moreover, the MOTC will continue to push the “Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan”, further improve aviation safety and pursue airport expansions – all with an eye toward moving flight services to the next level.








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