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Building for the Future

1. Enhance the international competitiveness of sea and air portals; drive Taiwan's industrial restructuring: Build international logistics capabilities; strengthen international competitiveness;, take advantage of advanced management techniques; improve logistics efficiency; review existing laws and regulations; provide a sound financial environment.
2. Promote green energy and humanistic transports; fulfill our responsibility as world citizens: Promote low-carbon and energy-efficient transports to protect the environment; provide seamless public shuttle bus service to promote green transport; improve pedestrian and bicycle users' environment; achieve humanistic transportation.
3. Establish a convenient and safe transportation network; ensure a high- quality living environment: Create sound intercity urban transportation and complete infrastructure; endeavor to integrate the systems based on transportation service characteristics to strengthen safety management mechanism; reduce disaster risks and accident rates; combine intelligent transportation technology to provide reliable service.
4. Create a tourist-friendly environment to promote the influence of Taiwan's soft power on the world stage: Internally: Enhancing balanced regional economic development and optimizing tourism quality; Externally: Strengthening Taiwan’s tourism image and improving travelers’ experience.
5. Meet the diverse needs of customers while provide excellent and universally trusted service: Provide universal, fair, and reasonable service; support major national economic construction projects and promote the public interest.
6. Optimize forecasting technology capabilities; provide sophisticated and diversified meteorological services: Improve life in townships; bolster disaster prevention and weather reports; strengthen the ability to provide news on earthquakes and tsunami warnings; enhance social awareness of climate changes; build customized communications and mobile service interface.


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