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Port of Kaohsiung Takes Initial Delivery of Taiwan’s Largest Ship-to-Shore Container Cranes; Key Step toward Significantly Boosting Port Handling Capacity

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Unscheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2022-08-24
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 Rising global container traffic volumes and the growth in size of modern container ships are challenging the current capabilities of Port of Kaohsiung’s container wharf and yard infrastructures, with yard space and wharf depth limitations posing the most serious bottlenecks to continued business expansion. In response, Port of Kaohsiung has been busy at work building the 7th Container Terminal, with the government investing over NT$20 billion and Evergreen Marine investing some NT$10 billion in new facilities and equipment. Port of Kaohsiung has already finished five new deep-water wharves capable of handling 4 of the world’s current-largest container ships (24,000 TEU-class) simultaneously. Adjacent to these wharves is a new 700m-deep, 149ha container yard, providing the port with an initial 4.5 million TEU in new yearly container handling capacity, which should grow over time to 6.5 million TEU of additional capacity. Evergreen Marine Corp. is in the process of installing state-of-the-art, remote-controlled megamax container cranes capable of handling vessels transporting up to 25 container rows. Once brought online, these will be the largest container cranes currently operating in Taiwan, representing an important advance toward the 7th Container Terminal’s goals of realizing fully automated operations and creating one of the most advanced container terminals in the world. The new container cranes will greatly increase container handling efficiencies and raise the port’s overall competitiveness. Evergreen Marine announced plans to bring the new cranes online in two stages, with a portion entering service in May 2023 and the remainder entering service in May 2024.

Evergreen Marine has purchased a total of 19 new remote-controlled container cranes and 56 automated straddle carriers (ASCs) for the 7th Container Terminal. The first delivery of 4 container cranes and one ASC arrived on August 1st, with offloading and installation expected to be completed today (August 5th). Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) Chairman Hsien-yi Lee and Evergreen Marine Corp. Chairman Yen-i Chang were both on hand to witness this historic occasion, expressing together their expectation that the high-quality, state-of-the-art operating environment being created at the new container terminal would cement Port of Kaohsiung’s position as a key hub port and open up many opportunities for new linkups with shipping routes to Europe and North America, boosting the overall competitiveness of both Port of Kaohsiung and Evergreen Marine.

TIPC Chairman Lee added that his company was very cognizant of the historic milestone represented by this first delivery. Thus, TIPC expedited construction of the terminal’s container yard (phase one), project office building, and other key infrastructure projects to finish three months ahead of schedule. This allowed Evergreen Marine and other companies to also move their work timetables up to begin preparing the 7th Container Terminal for business, installing critical soft- and hardware infrastructures, and promoting Port of Kaohsiung as a highly competitive and resilient provider of ocean shipping services and an ideal hub port for regional and global container cargoes.

The all-new, fully automated terminal operating system (TOS) to be installed by Evergreen Marine will integrate a German-designed crane-control system and an Evergreen Marine-developed TOS with high-speed 5G system intranet connectivity. Evergreen Marine expects to begin formal testing of the installed equipment and TOS next month (September), with regular business operations expected to commence in May 2023.

*  Contact: Wei-cheng Chung
*  Phone: 07-5622476
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Offloading the new container cranes onto the wharf
Offloading the new container cranes onto the wharf
Group photo of Evergreen Marine and TIPC officials prior to offloading the container cranes
Group photo of Evergreen Marine and TIPC officials prior to offloading the container cranes
Evergreen Marine Corp. Chairman Yen-i Chang (left) and TIPC Chairman Hsien-yi Lee share this historic moment
Evergreen Marine Corp. Chairman Yen-i Chang (left) and TIPC Chairman Hsien-yi Lee share this historic moment
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