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Taipei Port Set to Step Up as Smart Car Logistics Port

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2021-03-19
*  Units: Port of Keelung,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

Taipei Port, northern Taiwan''s largest international commercial port, has a significant amount of land available for commercial development and use. Responding to the government''s call to promote smart transportation applications in the 2020 Transportation White Paper, port officials have designated wharves and warehouse facilities in Taipei Port''s South Port District for future public lease. A public invitation to bid on “South Port District Wharf Nos. S04 & S05 and Land in Reclamation District C” was issued by Taipei Port in early March (2021). The wharves and land are within the port''s smart vehicle industry zone, and priority consideration will be given to bidders interested to develop smart-vehicle-related value-added production and transshipment operations. Companies in this sector are encouraged to invest and do business at Taipei Port.

Rapid changes in the environment and in technology are challenging the future development and direction of the transportation sector, with new, smart vehicles increasingly trending into the mainstream. The current invitation to bid covers two wharves (S04 & S05), berms, internal access roads, and 60 hectares in total land area, available for investors to develop a comprehensive base for smart-car logistics. Leased land may also be used to import, value-add process, transship, manufacture, and develop / test automobiles. Value-added processing could take advantage of both area industries and tariff-free transshipment incentives. Investors could also establish integrated sales and production operations that closely match the needs of FTZ logistics firms.

In addition to stimulating growth in Taiwan''s automotive supply chain and logistics sectors, investors will be well positioned to create a smart shipping and logistics hub with the long-term objective of creating Asia''s first center for 5G smart car development and green, sustainable logistics. These new investments are expected to inject new dynamic energy into Taiwan industry as well as northern Taiwan''s economy. We welcome you to participate in creating Taipei Port''s newest and brightest landmark and in helping drive the national economy forward.

Please direct inquiries to: Port of Taipei Business Department, Ms. Hui-ju Kang (02) 2619-6029 or Ms. Shu-ying Mei (02) 2619-6028.

*  Contact: Han-chang Lin
*  Phone: (02)26196025
*  E-Mail:
*  Related Images:
Image 1. Aerial view of Wharf Nos. S04 & S05 and Reclamation District C.|
Image 1. Aerial view of Wharf Nos. S04 & S05 and Reclamation District C.
Image 2. Aerial view of Wharf Nos. S04 & S05 and Reclamation District C (full overview of Taipei Port)
Image 2. Aerial view of Wharf Nos. S04 & S05 and Reclamation District C (full overview of Taipei Port)
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