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Port of Hualien Fired up by Growing ‘Island-Hopping’ and ‘Round Trip’ Domestic Cruise Travel Trends

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2020-11-12
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 Hong Kong-based Dream Cruises’ Explorer Dream, recently focused on domestic vacation cruise routes, paid 15 calls at the Port of Hualien between August 4th and October 21st of this year (2020). The 37,037 passengers brought to the city during this period aboard Explorer Dream have infused much-welcome new revenue into the local tourist industry. A further 20 domestic cruise passages (carrying roughly 34,400 passengers in total) have been scheduled between October 24th and the end of the year, further invigorating the domestic tourism market.

The ongoing global pandemic has led to cruise lines reorienting away from international routes toward domestic cruise vacations and ‘round-trip’ island cruise experiences. This is fueling strong growth in demand for domestic cruise travel and the development of ‘island hopping’ cruise routes. This trend is opening up new opportunities for domestic tourism and infusing new vigor and excitement into the tourism industry along Taiwan’s East Coast.

Responding to the strong growth in domestic cruise vacationer numbers, Taiwan’s commercial ports are investing sufficient resources to maintain the quality of port services and to ensure that passengers are left suitably impressed with their travel experience. With regard to the Port of Hualien, passenger clearance and boarding areas have already been upgraded with the installation of clear signage and barrier-free access facilities. Infrared thermal imaging systems will also soon be installed to streamline quarantine and infection control capabilities.

To further improve service quality, the Port of Hualien has arranged for additional shuttlebus stops at the port, increased the availability of taxis, and made local specialty products available for purchase at the passenger terminal. These and other improvements have made the Port of Hualien ready to handle the expected continued, regular arrival of domestic-route cruise ships with around 1,600 passengers per call.

*  Contact: Peggy Tsai
*  Phone: 03-8325131-2421
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Dream Cruises’ Explorer Dream docked at Port of Hualien Wharf No. 23
Dream Cruises’ Explorer Dream docked at Port of Hualien Wharf No. 23
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