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Northbound Sand and Gravel Handling Capacity at Port of Hualien Jumps by 1.6 Million MT/Year

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2020-09-18
*  Units: Port of Hualien,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

In response to national government calls to increase sand and gravel handling capacity along the country’s eastern seaboard, the Port of Hualien issued a public bid in early 2020 for the lease of land and facilities adjacent to the port’s designated sand-and-gravel Wharf No. 20. This bid, covering 3.2ha of storage yard area and one enclosed onloading conveyor system, was awarded to New Hualien Stone Co., which signed the lease on May 1st. The yard and facilities add 1.6 million metric tons of new sand and gravel handling capacity at the port.

After three months of preparation, New Hualien Stone loaded the first shipment from its newly leased yard on July 29th, and the yard has maintained normal, commercial operations since August. Current business projections call for an average of slightly over 100,000 mt of sand and gravel to be shipped from the yard to the ports of Keelung and Taipei each month. The Port of Hualien has four enclosed onloading conveyor systems servicing a total storage yard area of 10.5ha that are currently leased and operated by four different companies. The total combined annual handling capacity of these systems of over 6 million metric tons is sufficient to meet both current northbound sand and gravel needs and new national government handling capacity targets.

To help maintain the competitive position of East Coast sand and gravel in the national marketplace, the Port of Hualien has long granted discounted rates and incentive awards for related shipments. Northbound shipments of sand and gravel through the Port of Hualien reached 1.9 million metric tons for the period January – August 2020, representing an increase of 340,000 metric tons (22%) over the same period last year and keeping the port on track to handling a total of 3 million tons of sand and gravel by year’s end


*  Contact: Hui-hsiung Su
*  Phone: 03-8310667
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|Image. Sand & gravel storage area and enclosed onloading conveyors || ||

Image. Sand & gravel storage area and enclosed onloading conveyors

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