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Fond Memories of a Shared Past – Port of Hualien Set to Launch Season of Celebration for its 90th Anniversary

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Unscheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2020-06-12
*  Units: Port of Hualien,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

The Port of Hualian has planned a series of events between July 1st and the end of this year to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the port’s founding in 1930. These events have been designed to refresh and celebrate the countless memories and stories centered in and around the port and to recognize the important role of the Port of Hualien in the economic development of Taiwan’s East Coast.

The 2020 Port of Hualien 90th Anniversary Season of Celebration will officially open on July 1st with a call for story submissions in the “My Hualien Harbor Story” activity. Entries will be accepted in student and adult categories throughout the month of July, with NT$6,000 awards on offer for the best stories answering the question ‘What gives the Port of Hualien a special place in your heart?’ The second activity, “Embracing Karenko”, on August 22nd invites elementary and junior high students to submit their colorful sketches of the port. The third activity, “Explorations and Tales of the White Lighthouse”, on September 26th is designed to recapture in written and oral narratives the special place that Hualien Harbor’s white lighthouse has in the hearts and minds of Hualien residents. Awards for these two events will be announced at the season of celebration’s main event, “Together Forever: Hualien Port”, on October 17th. In addition to special, guided tours of the special history exhibition and Port History Center, visitors will be invited to partake in fun, competitive games and an open-air market. The “Nostalgic Retrospective: The Story of Our Harbor” exhibition, featuring stories and specially selected photographs from the Port of Hualien archives will be open to the public from October 17th through November 15th for everyone to learn more about the port’s development through the past nine decades. The “Love our Planet: Clean our Beaches” event on December 4th will bring this season of celebration to a close.

Hualien Port is indelibly woven into the memories of the people of Hualien and the East Coast. The Port of Hualien, TIPC welcomes everyone to join in this year’s season of celebration and to commemorate the port’s 90th anniversary. Let’s witness together the history of our port and celebrate its new, diverse development.

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