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Port of Hualien’s New Port History Center Provides Interactive, Inspiring Introduction to the Port’s History and Operations

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2020-03-06
*  Units: Port of Hualien,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

The recently completed Port History Center at the Port of Hualien formally opens its doors to the public this month (March). Port officials warmly welcome all to stop by and learn more about this spotlight attraction on Taiwan’s central East Coast.

The Port of Hualien is woven deep into the fabric of East Coast heritage. Seeking to highlight its pivotal, century-long role in Taiwan’s East Coast economy, the Port of Hualien launched plans for an interactive, multimedia history center in mid-July last year. The Center’s engaging displays and narratives are designed to help area residents and visitors alike learn more about the history of the Port of Hualien, its facilities and operations, and major East Coast industries.

The Port History Center is segmented into three sections, including Karenko Memories, Modern Harbor Operations, and Leisurely Hualien. The TIPC mascot ‘Pangta’, wearing a traditional Amis outfit and feather-capped headdress and holding a ‘mola man’ (Pacific sunfish), greets visitors at the entrance. Visitors are guided through an introduction to the history and heritage that underpins the port before entering the boat-shaped main hall, where interactive exhibits provide a ‘full-sensory’ introduction to the wharf, cargo, and port operations; to the main industries served by the port; and to the port’s development over time. Visitors are also introduced to a few of the many people serving in critical roles throughout the Port of Hualien. In the Leisurely Hualien section, interactive multimedia displays invite visitors to create their own colorful ships to take home as souvenirs.

Maritime education is an important facet of the Port of Hualien’s mission. Middle school children from throughout the Hualien area will be invited to visit the Port History Center to learn about the port’s operations and history and develop long-term interests in ocean ecologies and our ports. In the future, the center plans to establish and develop links with other nearby cultural and historical sites such as Manor House and Pine Garden to further highlight local history and heritage.

Initially, admission to the Port History Center will be limited to groups only, with reservations requested in advance, during normal business hours. After training and certifying volunteers, the Port of Hualien will open the center on a regular schedule to the general public.


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