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Laying an Artistic Railway Corridor:Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project

*  category: Railways
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2016-06-02
*  Units: Railway Reconstruction Bureau
*  Content:

The purpose of the Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project exceeds just providing travelers with a railway travel environment that is comfortable, quick and friendly, as the project is also eliminating problems such as traffic bottlenecks and metropolitan areas being separated from one another due to transportation facilities. Furthermore, the project aims to infuse art and aesthetics into the public space of every station, creating a “Railway Art Museum” that spans a chain of stations. This project will play a role in crafting the image of Taichung’s tourism, which will help make the area more attractive when it comes to international tourism.
The elevation engineering work being done on Taichung’s railways also involves designing stations in a way that mixes in the sights, scenes, and characteristics of the local culture. Planning also involves installation of public art; the art themes will reflect the local area’s urban tissue, its peoples’ memories, the cultures of different groups, and the diversity of emotions present in its people.
Taichung Station has three public art pieces: Expectations, Chicken Pox Lady, and The Music Trilogy of Taichung’s Heart. Inspired by the Omura''s whale skeleton and the totems on display at Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science, The Music Trilogy of Taichung’s Heart represents nature’s incredible diversity and how all living things continue to procreate and multiply. Fengyuan Station features Fengyuan Festival—Millet Loves Rice and Love is in Huludun. The first piece uses rice to symbolize that Fengyuan was Taiwan’s first rice granary and is an important place for cakes and pastries, and the second art piece showcases a model of Huludun, which was once the name of the area. The second piece also displays Xinsuo Bridge, which has thousands of locks that sweethearts put on it. Wuquan Station’s public art shares a connection with the imagery of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The artwork of legends Max Liu, Shiy De-jinn, Liao Shiou-Ping, and Pai-sui Ma, in addition to a host of young artists can be seen on the station’s pillars, ceiling, and railings as well as inside the art museum itself.
As of right now, every station’s public artwork has already been chosen, and total costs slightly exceeded 70 million New Taiwan dollars. The Railway Reconstruction Bureau (RRB) hopes that the work of these artists will, like a string of blooming flowers, cultivate the elevated railway, making the stretch of railways rich with local characteristics unique to Taichung and in the future turn the area into an “Artistic Railway Corridor”. On top of meeting the ideal of creating artistic environments for public engineering efforts, this project should also help visitors come to know and experience Taichung’s lovely lifestyle.

*  Contact: Chung Cheng-hsien
*  Phone: 89691900
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