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2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum Turns the Spotlight on Digital Transformation and Smart Port Developments

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Unscheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2022-09-06
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 The 2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum, held from August 24th – 25th in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, engaged attendees in deep, multidisciplinary exchanges in three key areas: smart ports, maritime technologies, and port-city synergies. During the forum, TIPC organized two smart-port-related breakout sessions on the topics of “Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Prospects in the Shipping & Port Sectors” and “5G IoT: Powering the Maritime Sector Forward”. TIPC also sponsored the forum’s Smart Port Vision Pavilion, which featured displays of prototypes and working versions of new, cutting-edge smart port 5GAIoT applications.

Reflecting the international-gateway role of Taiwan’s international commercial ports, TIPC centered its breakout-session discussions on how best to improve both overall port competitiveness and port business ecosystems to raise the “quality” of Taiwan port operations. MOTC Deputy Minister Wen-jong Chi hosted the two session discussions, with NKUST Office of Marine Science and Technology Director Hui-huang Tai and MOTC Office of Science & Technology Advisors Director Mu-han Wang serving, respectively, as moderators. Participants in these in-depth discussions included top industry and government leaders such as Port of Kaohsiung CEO Chin-jung Wang, Maritime and Port Bureau Deputy Director-General Pin-chuan Chen, Evergreen Marine Vice President Teng-huan Su, Trade-Van Information Services President Kuo-feng Kao, Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center CEO Dr. Shean-kwang Chou, Chunghwa Telecom President Harrison S.Y. Kuo, Far EasTone President Ching Chee, Tonglit Logistics Managing Director C.T. Weng, and Asia Pacific Telecom Senior Director Dennis Liu.

This year’s forum was exceptionally well attended and productive, highlighting the progress already made in smart port implementation. The focus of the TIPC-sponsored Smart Port Vision Pavilion this year was on the progress and results achieved under the ongoing Trans-SMART 2.0+ Plan as well as MOTC’s 5G-Driven Intelligent Transportation Technology Service Innovation & Industrial Development Program. 5G-enabled applications and devices such as a patrol & inspection UAV, low-earth orbit satellite based EMI, UAV-based logistics verification system, AI-based vessel image recognition system, and other IoT and blockchain-based smart port solutions jointly developed and tested by TIPC partners including Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone, Tonglit, Asia Pacific Telecom, Coretronic Robotics, and other firms in the port & shipping sector were all on display to illustrate the diverse range of smart solutions being explored and developed at TIPC ports.


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2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum highlighted the groundbreaking advances being made worldwide in smart port tech, infrastructure, and policies
2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum highlighted the groundbreaking advances being made worldwide in smart port tech, infrastructure, and policies
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