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With Port of Keelung East 3~4 Passenger Terminal Lease Bid Now Finalized, Port Will Soon Have Taiwan''s First Open-air garden-themed Cruise Terminal Shopping Arcade

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2022-07-01
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 The results of public bidding for private investment in the newly completed East 3~4 Passenger Terminal at Port of Keelung, TIPC have been decided, with Lucky Parking Co., Ltd. submitting the best bid. The contract between TIPC and Lucky Parking was signed in June, and the leased site should be ready to hand over to the company in August. As part of ongoing efforts to reposition its extensive harbor shoreline as a world-class coastal attraction, Port of Keelung has increased the area available for harborside leisure and recreation activities and significantly improved immigration clearance facilities to reflect its role as one of the nation''s primary international gateways. Moreover, Port of Keelung has been hard at work during the pandemic to upgrade passenger facilities and complete basic infrastructure projects critical to streamlining the immigration clearance experience and to rolling out a "red carpet" for the anticipated full-throttle return of tourism in the post-pandemic era.

The East 3~4 Passenger Terminal public bid site encompasses 2,949m2 of retail space along with ready-to-operate parking facilities and space for recreation, leisure, and dining activities that are ideal for servicing cruise passengers and domestic visitors alike. The retail space within the passenger terminal is unified under a ''sustainable ocean'' theme, with a primary recruiting focus on businesses involved in local-specialty gift sales, leisure and recreation services, and food & beverage services. The open-air garden theme of the terminal''s upper deck weaves together flower gardens & greenery, elevated wooden walkways, wood-grain tiling, and creative visual design elements to deliver a visually stunning experience that combines the experience of standing on the main deck of a cruise ship with basking in the embrace of a verdant ''garden city''. The 6,137m2 parking area is currently designed to accommodate 37 commercial tour buses and 50 passenger cars. After completing formal reviews of all submitted bids on May 25th, 2022, Lucky Parking Co., Ltd. was selected as the winning bidder, with the lease signed in June. The handover to Lucky Parking is scheduled for August, after which the company will begin organizing commercial operations. Lucky Parking has been actively developing its "3-4" brand inspired by the city''s distinctive "consignment store" heritage. Thus, just as the city''s many consignment stores once supplied residents with a myriad of imported everyday items, Lucky Parking''s vision is looking to develop East 3~4 Passenger Terminal as a new and exciting commercial shopping arcade stocked with enticements for browsers and shoppers of every stripe. Lucky Parking hopes to recapture some of Keelung City''s mid-20th century commercial glitter in its new upscale, culturally rich harborside experience and establish East 3~4 as a spotlight northern Taiwan destination.

Port of Keelung has already finished the reconstruction and refurbishment of both East and West Terminals. Now, these two facilities are being linked via a pedestrian causeway traversing two open-air harborside plazas to create a truly world-class destination for harborside leisure & tourism. In pursuing its “twin-engine” development strategy focused on passenger and cargo services, Port of Keelung will continue to aggressively pursue new international tourism, ocean transportation, and logistics opportunities to help fuel continued economic growth in northern Taiwan and welcome with open arms a new era of port-city prosperity.


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