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Better than Ever! Taichung Port’s Refurbished Wharf Nos. 12 & 15 Fully Prepared for Business

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2022-02-25
*  Units: Port of Taichung,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

 Port of Taichung, established 46 years ago, is fulfilling its missions of handling international trade flows in Central Taiwan and promoting regional economic development. Since setting the milestone of 100 million mt of cargo handled in 2010, the port has continued to expand business volumes, with 120 million mt handled in 2021. Infrastructure has followed suit, and Port of Taichung now operates 64 commercial wharves. Years of environmental and operational wear has taken a clear toll on the oldest of the port’s wharves, impacting their efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, based on considerations of both strategic growth and operational safety, Port of Taichung in 2011 prioritized 14 wharves for refurbishment and modernization and enacted a multi-year budget to fund related project work. As of January 2022, work on 12 wharves had been completed, and work on the remaining two wharves (Wharf Nos. 12 & 15) has finished up just recently.

Port of Taichung is a multifunctional international commercial port with specialized wharves for handling bulk freight, containerized, bulk commodity, and chemical cargoes as well as wind turbine main structures and components. The port’s decade-long refurbishment effort has been tailored to ensure the current and expected future requirements of various categories of cargo are satisfied. Although Wharf Nos. 12 & 15 are designated as bulk freight wharves, construction engineers, leveraging their years of refurbishment experience, employed a semi-precast method of construction to minimize the inherent risk / dangers of doing formwork assembly over water. Moreover, project work was implemented in a staged manner to allow normal wharf operations during the refurbishment. In addition, the cement used in project work was set to higher strength & performance specifications, the thickness of protective layers was increased, original bollards were replaced, maximum wharf load capacities were raised to 3mt/m2, and onshore water and electrical network infrastructures were laid. The invested effort is doing more than significantly extending the effective usable life of these wharves. It is taking TIPC a significant step forward toward achieving and sustaining its eco-port goals.

As part of this project, a port maintenance management handbook was developed based on the MOTC Institute of Transportation’s “Standards for Maintaining & Managing Port and Harbor Structures” that establishes a baseline for future wharf maintenance and safety management work and supports long-term operational sustainability. The total cost of refurbishment work was roughly 20% the cost of building new wharves, making the effort exceptionally cost-effective. Moreover, the project won the award for excellence MOTC’s 2021 Public Construction Awards.

*  Contact: David Hsieh, Deputy
*  Phone: 04-2664-2560
*  E-Mail:
*  Related Images:
Image 1. Two vessels moored side by side at the refurbished Wharf No. 12|
Image 1. Two vessels moored side by side at the refurbished Wharf No. 12|
Image 2. Two vessels moored side by side at the refurbished Wharf No. 15
Image 2. Two vessels moored side by side at the refurbished Wharf No. 15
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