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Strategically Led Diversification Taking Taiwan Port Operations to New Heights

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Unscheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2022-01-28
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 In 2021, under the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) leveraged its business-oriented operations to further advance soft & hard infrastructures and pursue other measures to bolster core business operations, fueling TIPC to a new container handling record of 15.45 million TEU for the year. Moreover, the company also aggressively promoted business in the offshore wind energy and coastal tourism sectors. The results of these and similar efforts have broken all-time TIPC business records and paved the way for sustained growth in Taiwan''s ocean shipping and transportation industries.

TIPC in 2021 completed a number of major port projects designed to ensure that Taiwan''s commercial ports address global shipping needs and trends effectively in the coming years. Among these projects were: 1) completion of public bulk cargo wharf facilities at ICT wharf nos. S16-S19 and expansion of container storage yard facilities at the 4th Container Terminal at the Port of Kaohsiung and 2) completion of Taipei Port wharf no. S09 and adjacent yard area on reclaimed land for use as a base for fabricating offshore wind turbine support structures. Moreover, in 2021, TIPC completed several important business outsourcing bids. These included 1) the long-term lease to Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co., Ltd. of rights to develop and operate a vacation resort complex in the coastal recreation zone at Anping Port and 2) the long-term lease to Tonglit Logistics Co, Ltd. of rights to develop a "smart car" industrial park on 60ha of land at Taipei Port. Once in operation, the latter will be East Asia''s first integrated, value-added applications center for 5G-enabled (self-driving) and electric vehicles.

Furthermore, TIPC has continued efforts to diversify its business model. In line with the government''s energy roadmap, TIPC ports have already provided essential wharf and other facilities to offshore wind farm developers, while TIPC has made relevant, effective spinoff investments in wind-energy-related interests. These include the operations & maintenance contracts signed in 2021 between TIPC Marine Corp. and multiple companies, TIPC Marine''s purchase of 3 new O&M vessels, and TIWTC''s provision in 2021 of wind-turbine-related training to over 840 students, making TIWTC Taiwan''s leading institution in the field. In the realm of overseas investment, TIPC subsidiary Tiaya International Co., Ltd., in addition to earlier purchases of commercial properties in Singapore and of Jambatan Merah Formosa Depot Sdn. Bhd., took on two additional new investment projects in 2021. Looking ahead, Tiaya International will train its investment focus on opportunities in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, looking to create new and mutually profitable synergies for Taiwanese shipping-sector firms and local business partners.

TIPC also made significant strides in 2021 in the realms of smart-port transformation and sustainable development. In addition to the continued development and implementation of TIPC smart systems for vessel navigation assistance and container collection notification, TIPC announced the Guidance on Conducting Field Trials of Innovative Smart Port Technologies and the Smart Port Innovative Applications & Digital Transformation Incentive Program to stimulate the more rapid and effective realization of digital transformation within TIPC port ecosystems. With regard to sustainable development, beyond the EcoPort certification already earned by all of TIPC''s commercial ports, Port of Kaohsiung''s planning and environmental protection work on the Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) Phase II and its sustainable development of KaoPort Park and Great Harbor Bridge in Kaohsiung City''s Penglai District earned for the port the 2021 International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) WPSP award for Resilient Physical Infrastructure. These and other achievements underscore TIPC''s deep commitment to, and continuing success in, enhancing the quality and sustainability of Taiwan''s commercial port environments.

TIPC''s focuses through 2022 will be on vertically strengthening core port businesses, horizontally expanding into new strategic business areas, implementing transformative new technologies, and fulfilling commitments as a sustainable business and good corporate citizen. TIPC is carefully navigating its business diversification path, and achieving key development objectives along the way. Recent examples of these include the completion and transfer to Evergreen Marine Corp. of Phase One of the Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) at Port of Kaohsiung; the relocation of military wharves and facilities and the opening of private-sector bidding on commercial space in West Passenger Terminal at Port of Keelung; the completion and transfer to companies in the wind-energy sector of newly reclaimed land behind South Wharf District wharf nos. S07-08 at Taipei Port; and the expanded recruitment of private-sector investments in offshore wind energy operations and tourism / recreation businesses at Port of Taichung. TIPC is making steady, purposeful strides toward developing world-class smart-port infrastructures and meeting its long-term corporate sustainability commitments. Moreover, TIPC is continuing to partner closely with the domestic maritime & shipping sector to ensure a bright and vital future for Taiwan''s international commercial ports.



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