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Public Bid under Preparation for Developing ICT (Phase One) District A6 as an International Logistics Center

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2021-10-08
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC is committed to providing exceptional services and a world-class operating environment to help further expand the global logistics industry and increase Taiwan''s competitiveness in international commercial shipping. In line with this effort, port officials are currently working out the details of a public bid for the lease of 10 hectares of land in District A6 of the Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT). The invitation to bid, open to investors interested in building and operating international logistics and warehouse facilities in this district, is expected to be announced in December of this year (2021).

Flanked by ICT (Phase One)''s 6th Container Terminal on the east and ICT (Phase Two)''s 7th Container Terminal and deep-water bulk cargo wharves on the west, District A6 is an ideal choice for businesses actively involved in international logistics and warehousing operations. Moreover, A6 enjoys direct access along its southern perimeter to Nanxing Road and Provincial Route 17, which leads directly to both of Taiwan''’s primary north-south freeways (No. 1), Expressway 88, and Kaohsiung International Airport, making it an exceptionally strategic position for offshore, land, and air-freight international logistics, warehousing, and distribution-center operations.

The upcoming bid is aimed to attract companies in the warehousing/storage and logistics sectors to set up operations in the district, with the goals of fostering synergistic industry clusters, increasing the port''s international competitiveness, building up the port''s cargo transfer and storage capacities, promoting new sources of business revenue, and, ultimately, advancing Port of Kaohsiung further along the path of becoming a key regional hub port. Businesses in the district will be able to take advantage of the neighboring ICT container terminals, the port''s regular and extensive schedule of international shipping routes, and the port''s world-class, year-round shipping services to quickly expand their integrated warehouse management and logistics / delivery services. This can greatly simplify and streamline the coordination, application approval, and integration of related business activities; reduce related costs; and sharpen international logistics operational efficiencies. In helping businesses realize a full-service logistics center at the Port of Kaohsiung, port officials look to stimulate local economic growth, add new jobs, and fuel "port-city" prosperity.

*  Contact: Mei-shan Chung
*  Phone: 07-562-2207
*  E-Mail:
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Overview map of Kaohsiung Port
Overview map of Kaohsiung Port
Close up of District A6 within the International Container Terminal (Phase One)
Close up of District A6 within the International Container Terminal (Phase One)
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