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Port of Taichung Just Got Smarter! Launch of the Port of Taichung Container Transfer Scheduling Platform (PoT-CTSP) Cuts Time Needed for Container Transfers

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2021-10-08
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 Port of Taichung, TIPC has launched the PoT Container Transfer Scheduling Platform (PoT-CTSP) to streamline normal container transfer procedures. Dedicated traffic lanes for system users have also been implemented. Both the soft and hardware elements of this new system are complete. Wan Hai Lines was the first to use the system when its Port of Taichung-based CFS scheduled a container transfer through the PoT-CTSP on August 5th. After nearly two months of promotion and operation, the system has effectively reduced the average time required for container transfers from 20~30mins to 10~20mins. Currently, an average of 250 transfer schedules are booked per day through the system, giving it a usage rate of 20%. Implementation of the Container Transfer Scheduling Platform marks another key milestone in Port of Taichung''s evolution as an international smart port.

Planning for the PoT-CTSP and dedicated traffic lanes began in June of last year (2020). During the interim, port officials engaged in regular discussions and dialogue with container yard operators and container hauling companies and struck up a cooperative arrangement with Wan Hai Lines for system development. The system was beta tested in June of this year and was formally brought online in August. Port of Taichung is the first international commercial port in Taiwan to implement such a system, which marks a significant milestone in port efforts to realize ''smart port'' efficiencies and advantages.

The PoT-CTSP allows truck drivers and their affiliated companies to upload Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) and Container Load Plan (CLP) documents into the system for a pre-review prior to container transfer. This avoids the need to manually enter and update this information at the gate, reducing truck and driver downtime. In addition, the system automatically notifies the yard, allowing yard staff to locate and release containers in advance, which may also significantly expedite the container transfer process and reduce wait times. Furthermore, the system''s real-time traffic information search function lets drivers monitor conditions on roads in and around the port to better schedule their arrival time.

In tandem with the launch of the PoT-CTSP, Port of Taichung installed dedicated lanes and Wan Hai Lines installed special high-tech gates for the exclusive use of trucks with schedules logged into the system to speed their entry into the terminal, increase processing speeds, reduce congestion, and increase the efficiency of yard operations. Port of Taichung encourages container truck operators and drivers to use the Container Transfer Scheduling Platform to help create an exceptional port work environment for all.


*  Contact: David Hsieh, Manager
*  Phone: 04-2664-2310
*  E-Mail:
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IPort of Taichung Container Transfer Scheduling Platform
IPort of Taichung Container Transfer Scheduling Platform
Dedicated lanes for PoT-CTSP users at the Port of Taichung
Dedicated lanes for PoT-CTSP users at the Port of Taichung
QRCode for the Port of Taichung Container Transfer Scheduling Platform
QRCode for the Port of Taichung Container Transfer Scheduling Platform
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