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Renovated 1930s Keelung Warehouses Create New Cultural-Creative Spotlight Attraction in Keelung City

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2021-09-03
*  Units: Port of Keelung,Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.
*  Content:

 Port of Keelung, TIPC''s West Warehouses 2 & 3, both dating from the 1930s, have witnessed nearly ninety years of Keelung history - from early port modernization efforts, through the Second World War, up to the modern day. To respect and conserve these historically significant structures, Keelung Port authorities are currently working to restore them to their original 1930s appearance. Related project work, slated to finish in February 2022, is bringing new image and value to these heritage buildings.

Taiwan''s Japanese colonial government built a total of eight new warehouses at the port in the 1930s. The warehouse adjacent to West Wharf No. 2 was constructed in 1932, while that adjacent to West Wharf No. 3 was built in 1934. These two are last remaining original colonial-era warehouses still standing. From the 1930s until the era of air freight, these warehouses were important and bustling gateways linking Taiwan with the world. The warehouses made a brief appearance in the hit 2014 film KANO and, in June 2014, the Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau designated both as municipal historical sites.

Port of Keelung''s two-year renovation and restoration project has retained the original two-story design of the buildings. The first and second floors of West Warehouse 2 are designated for lifestyle / cultural-creative activities and cruise-ship passenger services, respectively. The two floors of West Warehouse 3 will be used for cruise-ship passenger arrival processing and baggage handling services. Work on the first floor of West Warehouse 3 is already finished, with the facility now operating as a waiting and processing area for passengers on the domestic Keelung - Matsu ferry. 3,540m3 of space on the first floor of West Warehouse 2 will be leased to commercial businesses, with a number of famous-name retail and cultural-creative brands already engaged in negotiations. The colonial-era stylings of these two warehouses and the heritage airs surrounding this section of the port will provide a spotlight destination not only for city residents and cruise-ship passengers but also to domestic and international tourists. The colonial warehouse district at Port of Keelung is adding another engine driving Keelung City''s economic renewal and revitalization.

Port of Keelung warmly welcomes everyone to stop by West Warehouses 2 & 3 on their next visit to Keelung City to experience this new, nostalgia-tinged intersection of history and creativity along the Keelung waterfront.

*  Contact: Chih-hung Tsao, Dire
*  Phone: 02-24206279
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*  Related Images:
Image 1. Old photograph of West Warehouses 2 & 3
Image 1. Old photograph of West Warehouses 2 & 3
Image 2. Post-renovation façade of West Warehouse 3
Image 2. Post-renovation façade of West Warehouse 3
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