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New Spotlight Destination: Port of Hualien’s Inner Harbor Coastal Tourism Corridor Soon to Move from Planning to Development

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2021-07-30
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 As part of efforts to promote waterside tourism in the inner harbor and create a new coastal tourism corridor attraction on Taiwan’s Pacific Coast, Port of Hualien, TIPC in 2020 retained a consulting company to draft plans for developing the touristic potential of the area encompassing Wharf Nos. 13-16 and adjacent land. Core facets of this plan included the development of an East Coast culture-creative warehouse marketplace and a staging ground for island-hopping cruise vacations, transportation, and trade.

The plan designates Warehouse 14 as the focal point of a new land and water-themed tourism corridor at the port, which will, together with other nearby port facilities, cultivate an entirely new and exciting image for the port and create a new East Cost hotspot for leisure, sightseeing, shopping, and recreation. In the first phase of development, working in tandem with the needs of the NAMR’s planned National Marine Resources Eco-Museum and Hualien City urban planning, Port of Hualien will invest an initial NT$30 million in 2022 to renovate the 500-square-meter Warehouse 14 as a reception and processing facility for island-hopping cruise service passengers. The port’s Wharf No. 14 will also be redesignated for private yachts and whale-watching boats.

Detailed planning approval and the necessary license application submissions are expected by the end of October of this year (2021). A decision on contractor bids is scheduled for late December, with contract work expected to begin in January and finish up in June, 2022. Further development work on the port’s tourism corridor will proceed apace with construction of the eco-museum and city planning progress as part of a comprehensive district renovation program.

In support of phase one work, Port of Hualien plans to organize a public bid for the “Investment, construction, lease, and operation of commercial port facilities in the Port of Hualien Tourism Corridor (Wharf Nos. 13-16)” during the last quarter of 2021. Port officials look forward to the winning bidder making the best, most-effective use of the land and facilities included in the project and generating significant economic benefit while vigorously promoting the tourism and transportation potentials of the East Coast “blue highway”.

The bid covers 1.8 hectares, including land adjacent to Wharf Nos. 14-15 and the Warehouse 14 building. The successful bidder will be responsible for funding, planning, constructing, and managing all structures and other leisure / recreation-related facilities on the site and will develop the site as a center of business, retail, and leisure / recreation operations. In addition, the successful bidder will have the option of further leasing Port of Hualien Wharf Nos. 13-16 and adjacent land to develop the full economic and commercial potential of the corridor area. We encourage interested companies to submit their bid for this new port tourism and recreation opportunity and to create together with Port of Hualien a vibrant maritime spotlight destination on Taiwan’s Pacific Coast.


*  Contact: Ching-sheng Cheng
*  Phone: 03-8325131#2461
*  E-Mail:
*  Related Images:
Digital rendering of site plan, encompassing Wharf Nos. 13-16 and adjacent land
Digital rendering of site plan, encompassing Wharf Nos. 13-16 and adjacent land
Warehouse 14 and land behind Port of Hualien Wharf No. 14
Warehouse 14 and land behind Port of Hualien Wharf No. 14
Land adjacent to Port of Hualien Wharf No. 15
Land adjacent to Port of Hualien Wharf No. 15
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