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Hsien-Yi Lee Takes the Helm as TIPC Chairman

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Unscheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2020-03-27
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

 Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) held a ceremony today (March 26th) to mark the transition from outgoing TIPC acting-Chairman (current Ministry of Transportation and Communications [MOTC] Political Deputy Minister) Yu-lin Huang to TIPC’s new Chairman (former Tainan City Water Resources Bureau Director-General) Hsien-yi Lee.

TIPC’s new 61-year-old chairman holds a PhD from National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology’s Graduate Institute of Engineering Science and Technology. His extensive resume of experience includes prior positions as Director-General of the Kaohsiung County Water Resources Bureau, Director of the Hydraulic Engineering Office, Director-General of the Kaohsiung City Water Resources Bureau, Taichung City Council Deputy Secretary-General, and Director-General of the Tainan City Water Resources Bureau. Hsien-yi Lee brings a strong breadth of professional knowledge, valuable engineering and management experience, and proven leadership capabilities to his new position as TIPC Chairman.

Hsien-yi Lee stated that, as TIPC’s new chairman, he looks forward to working together with the entire TIPC organization to leverage his company’s finely tuned operations to continue steadily growing TIPC’s core businesses. Furthermore, he continued, TIPC would pursue MOTC Minister Chia-lung Lin’s ideal of ‘humanity-oriented transportation’ by working toward realizing the three goals of teamwork, transportation safety, and ‘smart’ sustainability. In terms of teamwork, Chairman Lee said that he will invest TIPC’s integrative and management experience as well as consult with internal and external partners to maximize growth in core business areas, strengthen the overall corporate organization, and provide even better services to TIPC port clients. In terms of transportation safety, Chairman Lee remarked that he will put his expertise to work to ensure that TIPC port facilities reflect the highest standards for safety and service quality and that TIPC ports run smoothly and efficiently. Finally, in terms of ‘smart’ sustainability, Chairman Lee stated that he will keep TIPC ports in sync with technology trends and port business-diversification priorities through the continued integration of smart-tech solutions that facilitate continuous capability upgrades, optimize safety and efficiency, and fulfill port environmental protection obligations on the way to achieving the long-term, sustainable growth of TIPC port operations.


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Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
Welcome ceremony for new TIPC Chairman Lee
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