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A Brief Introduction to the Department of Statistics


Ⅰ. Organization & Staff

   The Department of Statistics has one Director-general, one Deputy Director-general, responsible for the administration of the statistics businesses by Statistics Act and related rules. The Department also contains senior executive officer, section chiefs, executive officers, and officers.

   The Department is divided into three divisions, as highlighted in the chart below.

department of Statistics

   The MOTC’s Department of Statistics is responsible for collecting, analyzing and communicating data on Taiwan’s transportation and communications sectors.

Ⅱ. Responsibilities

   The responsibilities for the Department’s three divisions are as follows:

   ·The 1st Division (Survey Statistics)

   The 1st Division focuses on survey statistics, with its detailed activities including the following:

1. Conducting surveys of various topics as the following, also releasing surveys’ reports.
     (1) Employees’ Earning of Transportation and Storage Sector
     (2) Motor Vehicle Freight Traffic
     (3)Business Operation Survey of Amusement and Theme Parks
     (4)Taxi Business 
     (5)Tour Bus Business
     (6)Rental Car Business
     (7)Private Sedan Usage
     (8) Motorcycle Usage
2. Developing and maintaining the computer programs for survey projects.
3. Establishing and maintaining the population database of all transportation and communications sectors.
4. Researching and establishing statistical systems of the transportation and communications sectors.
5. Managing the web pages of the Department of Statistics.
6. Managing the statistical survey projects of the departments as well as subordinate agencies of the MOTC through examination of project execution plans.
7. Supervising the opinion polls conducted by the departments and subordinate agencies of the MOTC.

   ·The 2nd Division

   The 2nd Division focuses on official statistics within the transportation and communications sectors, including the following activities:

1. Editing the statistical abstract and monthly statistics.
2. Editing the major statistical indicators.
3. Editing the international comparison of transportation and communications statistics .
4. Collecting, arranging, analyzing and publishing official statistical data on transportation and communications sectors.
5. Studying, establishing and implementing the Register Statistics Formulae and table programs of transportation and communications sectors.
6. Studying and editing statistical definitions and classifications of transportation and communications sectors. 
7. Establishing, expanding and maintaining a statistical database and statistics inquiry system .
8. Editing and calculating freight and insurance cost statistics of import and export cargoes.
9. Collecting and structuring gender-specific data on the transportation and communications sectors.
10. Demarcating, instructing and managing statistical businesses in the MOTC and all subordinate statistics agencies.
11. Editing and publishing the brochure of the MOTC.                

12. Making and presenting an introduction film of transportation and communications sectors. 

   ·The 3rd Division

   The 3rd Division supports the administration of policy and planning, and its activities include the following:

1. Conducting production value survey on tourism, transportation and storage industries.
2. Conducting commodity flow and freight revenue survey of domestic aviation and water transportation by goods.
3. Editing and drafting the reviewing year policy plan and budget. 
4. Conducting a seminar on the statistical business of the MOTC. 
5. Handling statistics personnel cases of statistical staffers in the MOTC and all subordinate agencies. 
6. Handling appointment, dismissal and transfer of statistical staffers in the MOTC and all subordinate agencies. 
7. Handling performance appraisal, rewards, punishments, advanced studies, training, retirement, and severance of statistical staffers in the MOTC and all subordinate agencies.




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