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* Railways and Highways
Details on Specific Projects

Taipei Metropolitan Area MRT Systems—Songshan Line

*  Organization:Department of Rapid Transit Systems
*  Program(Project) Description
  Project Description:
The Songshan line runs north from the Nangang line’s Ximen Station along Zhonghua Road to Tacheng Street, northeast to Tianshui Street, and turns east onto Nanjing West and East roads. It then turns onto Bade Road near Taiwan Railways Songshan Station in the east. There are eight underground stations along its 8.5 kilometers (Ximen Station included) and trains provide service to the section between the Xindian line and the Songshan line via the Xiaonanmen line. Transfer to the Nangang line and Banqiao line, Tamsui line, Xinzhuang line, and Wenhu line can be made at Ximen Station, Zhongshan Station, Songjiang Nanjing Station, and Nanjing East Road Station. The entire line is underground and is scheduled to begin operation by the end of 2014.

Several factors have affected progress on the Songshan line, including Beimen cultural heritage preservation, difficulties passing beneath the existing Taiwan Railways Administration’s and Taiwan High Speed Rail’s tunnels, the request for additional system stability tests before commissioning, and adjustment of operation modes (Xindian-Songshan, Xindian-Beitou). Further study is needed before DORTS can set a new estimated date of completion. DORTS strives to finish the line as soon as possible so operations can begin.

When completed, the Songshan line will help disperse large numbers of passengers who converge on transfer stations, such as Taipei Main Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, and alleviate the traffic burden on the east-west Nangang line. It will provide convenient transport to Taiwan Railways Songshan Station, Taipei Arena, and the Nanjing East Road commercial zone while saving time for metro users traveling to the commercial zones in the Songshan area and along Nanjing East Road.

*  Implementation Performance
  Taipei Metropolitan Area MRT Network — Songshan Line Progress

The Songshan line is 95.88% complete.

Construction of the Songshan line is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014.
Civil works underway include station entrances/exits; station heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; roads and ancillary facilities improvement; and landscaping. E&M systems underway include stability tests on signaling, power supply, communications, and automatic fare collection (AFC) systems.

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