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Message from the Minister

  Tasked with planning crucial national transport infrastructure and providing quality and convenient public services, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications oversees the development and regulation in areas ranging from road, rail, sea and air transport, to postal services, telecommunications, tourism and meteorology. Looking forward, in addition to maintaining efficiency at their daily work, all relevant agencies will draw upon existing policy outcomes and join forces in delivering on the following eight priorities:

I. Ensuring traffic safety through a reform of Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)  

  Safety is our promise to the public, and seeking triple wins between passengers, TRA and its employees is the ultimate goal of the reform. We will engage in effective communication with all stakeholders and conduct thorough reviews to identify areas for improvement. With ensuring traffic safety as the top priority, the reform consists of a three-stage organizational overhaul, beginning with enhancing coordination between the departments of transportation, construction, rolling stock, and electronical engineering at the local level, followed by financial structure improvement, and concluding with turning TRA into a state-owned enterprise.
II. Building a well-integrated and reliable transport network

  The top priority lies in connecting highway and expressway systems and addressing network inadequacies, as well as completing the western high speed rail and the eastern express railway to form an island-wide railway network. The Ministry is also dedicated to enhancing rail safety, supporting local governments in developing realistic and reliable metro systems, while facilitating integration across different transportation modes to provide the public a well-integrated and reliable transport network.

III. Optimizing Taoyuan Airport’s operation to be a mark of national pride

  Taiwan is a major aviation hub in East Asia, with the Taoyuan International Airport being Taiwan’s top gateway to the world. In order to improve airport services, optimize passenger experience while boosting the nation’s competitiveness, work on projects to build the new Terminal 3 and the third runway has been underway, which are scheduled for completion with optimal quality in 2026 and 2030 respectively.

IV. Developing port infrastructure to strengthen international competitiveness 

     Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan sees frequent maritime trade. To strengthen the nation’s critical position in the global shipping sector, the Ministry will continue to deliver the “Development and Infrastructure Program for Taiwan’s International Commercial Ports” by expanding the facilities and operation of the country’s seven international commercial ports, in an effort to broaden their service portfolios and enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s ports and harbors.

V. Strengthening developments in rural areas for transportation equity

  To fulfil transportation equity and meet the public’s needs for mobility, the Ministry rolls out projects that include Happy Bus, Happy Taxi, and Carpool Programs to improve transportation quality in rural areas across Taiwan. In addition, it is also a goal to accelerate the construction major transportation infrastructure in Hualien, Taitung, and outlying islands, with projects including East Rift Valley Scenic Boulevard on Taiwan Route 9, Suhua Highway Safety Improvement, Hualien-Taitung Line Dual-track, and Offshore Islands Harbor Tourism Infrastructure.

VI. Optimizing complementary measures in tourism for the post-epidemic era

  According to the 2025 Taiwan Tourism Plan by the Executive Yuan, in the next five years, five strategies will be in place to bridge Taiwan with the sustainable global tourism trend. The five strategies include Building Attractions, Planning Themed Routes, Tapping into Tourism Source Market, Optimizing the Industrial Environment, and Promoting Smart Sightseeing Experiences. In the post-epidemic era, the Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality and capacity of all services in the industry. It is our goal to promote the Taiwan tourism brand and lay a solid foundation for future international tourism after the reopen of the border among countries.

VII. Adopting smart technologies for better transportation efficiency

  According to the Executive Yuan’s vision for Taiwan 5G Action Plan, aiming at introducing innovative smart transportation services, the Ministry, under the existing planning, will improve the integration of 5G and AI as well as meteorological monitoring information. The integrated information will be applied to smart inspections solutions in railways and highways (side, bridge, track), Internet of Vehicles (ADAS, autonomous vehicles), smart intersections (vehicle blind spots), traffic safety education and tourism via AR/VR, train monitoring (5G, AIOT), law enforcement technology (tailgating prevention, real-time speed management), and CVP instant messaging (crowds, traffic flow). These are planned with a view to realizing digital transformation of smart transportation in Taiwan.

VIII. Building a safe transportation environment with risk management

  According to the Road Traffic Safety Improvement Projects promulgated by the Executive Yuan, ten areas have become the focus of development for building a safe traffic environment, which includes Big Data Analysis, Safety Awareness Promotion for the Public, Tech-assisted Law Enforcement, Driver’s License and Training Reform, License Management and Re-training System for Driver, Ensuring Traffic Safety around Schools, Road Safety Environment for Aged Society, Prevention of Drowsy and Drunk Driving, Vehicles Safety Equipment Revolution, and Strengthening the Emergency Medical Support System for Accidents.

  The impact from transportation and communications on people’s life is profound and far-reaching, which involves an extensive and diversified areas ranging from meeting people’s needs for transportation and facilitating industrial development, to driving economic growth and closing the gap between the rural and urban in terms of development. These all are closely related to transportation infrastructure and services. The Ministry will take the initiative in strengthening traffic safety management and improving transport efficiency as well as the service quality, so that there can be a living environment with all-round transportation efficiency and sustainability.


Minister of MOTC
Kwo-Tsai Wang



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