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Message from Minister

  When it comes to promoting major national transportation construction projects or improving quality and convenient transportation, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) is always there to oversee implementation.
  Moreover, the improvement of transportation and tourism for Taiwan residents as well as the development of transportation-related industries shares equal weight in our policies. Our policies include the concepts of “diligence, connect-to-people, and practical” in order to form the “mutually-beneficial administration-civilians relations” between the MOTC and the public.

  On the one hand, the MOTC aims to provide safe, efficient quality and sustainable transportation services nationwide to live up to its administrative department title, “Transport” and “Communication”. On the other hand, we dedicate our energy and resources to improving the physical and psychological working environment for every staff employed in the MOTC business such as transportation, communication, postal, tourism and meteorology. An improved team spirit will result in better service provided to the public.

  Nationally, in terms of the scale of businesses covered, one can say the MOTC is Taiwan's largest service industry providing services accessed daily including highways, railroad transportation, maritime shipment, air freight, postal, telecommunication, tourism and meteorology. Therefore, our strict technical and quality assurance requirements for construction projects will further improve our understanding of people's demands to make the MOTC “of the people, for the people”.

  In short, the MOTC's administrative goals start from the concept of “of the people, for the people”, and the following four pillars “Safety, Efficiency, Quality and Eco-green” support the achievement of these goals.

1. Safety: Implementing Comprehensive Transportation Safety Management
  The MOTC takes “Safety” as the most fundamental and critical priority. Under any circumstance safety is fundamental for transportation from land, water, or air. Thanks to the joint efforts by the Central and local governments, traffic-related fatalities have been contained and gradually reduced. In addition to plans for “Safety Management for Large Passenger Vehicles”, our comprehensive safety review of Taiwan Railways introduced a security management system (SMS) to ensure passenger safety.
  Meanwhile, the MOTC is developing comprehensive and efficient safety maintenance measures that integrate human factors, mechanical vehicles and geographic routes, amending legal regulations and using information technology such as intelligent transportation system (ITS) and analysis of traffic-related big data.
  The improvement of safety management oversite for transport and construction projects is expected to reduce risks and ensure further safety.
  Moreover, the November 2019 International Air Safety Summit (IASS), organized by the MOTC will be the largest international convention of civil aeronautics ever convened in Taiwan. Over 400 renowned air safety professionals from 50 countries will gather in Taiwan, to exchange practical information and enhance our country's international exposure.

2. Efficiency: Providing Efficient and Convenient Services
  No country can have good development without proper transport construction, and the MOTC is especially focused on timely completion of each construction project and its final quality. In the future, we will proceed to improve integration or division of various traffic systems to raise our service quality and efficiency.
  The MOTC will provide more convenient and smart services (such as improvements of traffic congestion of highways and freeways, improvement to roads accessibility and smooth flow, Happiness Bus to rural areas, and smart services at airports) for the public by using the analysis of traffic-related big data. We will also provide these services via a simple and easy access approach available for all people.

3. Quality: Perfecting Quality Transport Environments
  The MOTC is actively engaged in the planning of all national construction projects for land, water and air transportation. Good construction quality remains our priority, and efficient transport networks for people flow, logistics and information flow are under construction. By doing this, regional economic and industrial development, as well as the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program and dozens of major transportation constructions projects will improve. To name a few, the “Follow Up to the South Link Highway of Provincial Highway No.9 Widening Project”, as well as relevant projects at Provincial Highway No. 61 (Taiwan West Coast Expressway) are expected to be completed and ready for service by the end of this year.
  The “Suhua Highway of Provincial Highway No. 9 Mountainous Section Improvement Project” is also expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and ready for service no later than the 2020 Lunar New Year. Taoyuan International Airport's Terminal 2 Expansion Project has been completed in April, 2019, increasing passenger capacity from the current 17 million to 22 million.
  Besides utility construction, promotion of Taiwan’s tourism is the other key focus of the MOTC. Our annual goal for 2019 is to attract 11.5 million visits from abroad, 190 million visits from domestic and to gross NT$821.5 billion of tourism revenue. To do so, as tourist composition and preferences change rapidly, requires a tourism industrial chain of “feature marketing” by offering unique local features that offer not only hotels and dining but also local scenic spots, historical sites and culture exhibits to impress and encourage re-visiting, and increase global exposure and interest to Taiwan to foster good international word-of-mouth of our country.

4. Eco-green: Developing Green Transport and Sustainable Industries
  Energy efficiency, carbon reduction and air pollution prevention are the global consensus. The key ideas supporting green transport and sustainable industries are to optimize the balance of sustainability between human beings and natural environments including environmental protection and air pollution reduction, etc. while ensuring the aesthetics of living.
  The MOTC will not only continue providing quality public transportation service, but also promote electric vehicles such as electric buses, electric motorcycles and electric cars based on the “Air Pollution Control Action Plan” by the Executive Yuan. Elements of “eco-friendly and sustainability” will be incorporated into our construction projects and service facilities.
  To achieve excellent administrative performances, the MOTC will actively implement policies based on national development strategies and prudent consideration of individual demands. The use of technological advanced appliances that enable efficient management fulfills the idea “of the people, for the people”.


Minister of MOTC
Lin Chia-Lung



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