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Dîner en Blanc - Life’s Tango

*  category: Water Transport
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2016-11-16
*  Units: Taiwan International Ports Corporation,Ltd.
*  Content:

In addition to working to expand the shipping and other diverse businesses at its ports, the TIPC is dedicated to fulfilling its social obligations as a corporation in the three critical domains of sustainability, caring, and giving to the future.

TIPC is proud to open its port facilities and jointly sponsor “Dîner en Blanc - Life’s Tango” with the Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance, with assistance from the Taipei College of Maritime Technology’s Department of Fashion Styling and Design Management. Scheduled for November 18th (Friday) at Taipei Port, the event will be joined by 100 cancer survivors and their partners. The women, all wearing white wedding dresses, symbolizing purity, elegance, youth, and health, will stroll hand in hand with their partners through Taipei Port’s facilities and share their vows to live life fully and to never surrender to cancer.

TIPC Chairman Meng-fen Wu shared that all matters and responsibilities related to TIPC’s core ideals of confidence, hope, and love can be achieved through good preparation, earnest understanding, and regular discussion. He also stated that social obligations are ongoing and continuous for his corporation, with “sustainability” referring to ecological and environmental protection and the achievement of European EcoPort certification; “caring” referring to creating exceptional working environments and promoting teamwork within the TIPC organization and to working with external charities on charity events that actively assist society’s disadvantaged; and “giving to the future” referring to TIPC’s regular organization of ocean-related educational events that promote interest and understanding and help inspire future shipping and navigation professionals.

Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics show that an average of over 4 people die every day in Taiwan of breast cancer, the nation’s fourth most prevalent cause of cancer-related death among women. TIPC President Tien-kuei Kuo stated his hope that this event would encourage more cancer survivors to confidently rejoin society and to redouble their fight to become and remain cancer-free. Under the banner of “Never Surrender”, the November 18th event will use the spotlessly white wedding dress to encourage breast cancer survivors to open and live with zest the next, brilliant chapter in life.

While the fight against disease and illness may be a long, difficult struggle, closely held relationships and memories can never be given away lightly. The cancer treatment process is painful, with potentially long-term side effects. Nevertheless, the support and encouragement of friends and family have proven and positive effects on the mood, fortitude, and treatment outcomes of cancer patients. Moreover, many cancer survivors have returned as volunteers to share their experience and provide encouragement to others. In donning their brilliantly white and beautiful wedding gowns, it is the sincere hope of TIPC that all of the participants see the radiant beauty within themselves and choose to face the future with new confidence.

TIPC has an active hand in all of the social charity programs it is involved with, including “Dîner en Blanc - Life’s Tango”.

*  Contact: Li-mei Lin, Director
*  Phone: 07-2136971
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