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Government Hopes to Increase the Tempo of Underground Railway Engineering for the Greater Tainan Area

*  category: Railways
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2016-09-02
*  Units: Railway Reconstruction Bureau
*  Content:

On July 2 (2016), the Ministry of the Interior held an expanded task force meeting. Furthermore, during Urban Planning Commission meetings held on July 26 and August 9, the ministry heard the following organizations’ opinions concerning the route and engineering work for the Tainan Urban District Underground Railway Project: Tainan City Government, the Railway Reconstruction Bureau (RRB) Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC), a protest group trying to prevent Tainan City’s underground railway project from shifting the railway to the east (houses would be demolished under the current plan), and the Tainan Environmental Protection Union. A result was finally determined on August 9; the Urban Planning Commission passed the Urban Planning Modified Plan, which was proposed by Tainan City Government. The RRB will follow the plan when they carry out land expropriation and their engineering efforts.
In order to adapt to the transformation of Taiwan Railways as well as urban renewal-related development in the area surrounding Tainan Station, the Tainan Urban District Underground Railway Project will make the following improvements for the metropolitan area: eliminate barriers caused by railways, relieve traffic congestion that had previously been getting progressively worse, and integrate transportation systems. Planners expect to see the following improvements:
1. Provide railway transportation that is fast and convenient.
2. Eliminate railway line barriers that cause unequal development for both sides of the tracks, and thus make urban development more balanced.
3. Eliminate nine level crossings, four underpasses, and three land bridges, which are caused by railway lines. This effort will make the area’s transportation conditions safer.
4. Reduce noise and vibration caused by train travel. Remedying the situation for these two environmental hazards will improve the metropolitan area’s environment as well as the quality of life for its residents.
5. Improve the value of land use for the urban area.
Tainan City Government and the RRB expect that this project will be carried out as fast as possible so that Tainan City residents at the earliest date possible will be able to enjoy a higher quality of life, improved environment, and better transportation. Essentially, these improvements will all be a result of underground railway engineering.

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*  Phone: 89691900
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