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Message from the Minister

    The economy is the lifeline to Taiwan’s development, and the key administrative policies of government are to enhance our country’s economic competitiveness while improving the quality of residents’ life. Transportation is the backbone of a nation as well as the pioneer for economic development. Therefore, the core administrative policies of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) are to accelerate the modernization of transport infrastructure and services. As we face international economic and trade competition and industrial specialization, information and communication technology development, as well as global warming and environmental protection issues, we should make good use of technology and management instruments to improve the "Safety", "Efficiency", and "Quality" of transport infrastructure and services, and integrate "Innovation" to establish a "Sustainable" transport service system.

    In recent years, the MOTC has transformed and changed its goal from "focusing on transport infrastructure" into "core transport services" such as Transportation Safety Improvement, Tourism Transformation Development, and Public Transportation Integration and Improvement. In the future, based on the aforementioned solid foundations, we will gradually implement and advance each transport administrative policy using five main cores: "SAFETY", "EFFICIENCY", "QUALITY", "INNOVATION", and "SUSTAINABILITY".

    Regarding "SAFETY", we will focus on implementing transportation and engineering safety management, and strengthening traffic safety education and law enforcement effectiveness to reduce accidents.
Moreover, for coping with extreme climate and earthquake risks, we are going to rely on basics such as strengthening the maintenance, reinforcement, and replacement. We will also make good use of new technology apparatus and management techniques to improve the strength of traffic systems while updating our early warning technology, disaster protection, and disaster rescue.

    "EFFICIENCY", we will cooperate with forward-looking construction programs and budgets, accelerate and finish the "Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program- Railway Construction" already underway as scheduled, and improve the railway track network Meanwhile, the problems of Missing Links and bottlenecks within the existing transportation system will be solved by technology and optimized management or via improved by engineering construction to create a fast and convenient traffic system.
Moreover, in the future, to transform Taiwan’s railways and highways into a seamless transportation network, we will focus more on transport system integration to improve the overall service efficiency. We will also, develop an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to strengthen traffic management.

    "QUALITY", we will keep improving the quality of traffic construction projects, and will keep utilizing the strengths of local governments, industry and academia. We will use big data analysis and digital service integration embedded within electronic tickets for public transportation (including public bicycles, buses, MRT, general railways, and high-speed rail) to strengthen public transportation, create better service quality, meet people's transportation expectations and establish a good foundation for the sustainable operation of "Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program- Railway Construction".

    "INNOVATION", we will make good use of innovative communication technology to provide customized and localized transportation services to users. Gradually innovative communication technology will transform Taiwan into a network of comprehensive smart service and smart cities.
For example, we will be able to provide the innovative service mode - Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - via tourism information services and added-value application that integrates information and communication technology - to provide tourists with smart tourism services such as food, accommodation, travel, shop, and transportation guides.
Also, MaaS will help develop our tourism industry and create more value for locals as it makes good use of local resources. We will keep following the development and application of innovation technologies such as 5G mobile networks, Internet of Things, cloud computing, self-driving cars, and Artificial Intelligence.

    "SUSTAINABILITY", countries all over the world pay attention to energy saving, carbon reduction and air pollution control. At the end of this year, the MOTC will cooperate with the Environmental Protection Administration to enact the second phase of the greenhouse gas control target set by transportation authorities. Regarding air pollution control, we will take aggressive action to "provide good quality public transportation services and control the use of high-polluting vehicles ", "execute the air pollution reduction in commercial port areas", "accelerate vehicle electrification policies in phases", and reach the policy goals which Premier Lai announced - electrify urban buses in 2030, stop selling fuel oil motorcycles in 2035, and stop selling fuel oil engine vehicles in 2040.

    In the future, based on the target of the five main administrative core policies - "SAFETY", "EFFICIENCY", "QUALITY", "INNOVATION" and "SUSTAINABILITY", we look forward to making Taiwan’s traffic system a FORMOSA sustainable transportation environment using the attributes of Friendliness, Opportunity, Reliability, Mobility, Sustainability, and Attraction.

Minister of MOTC
Wu Hong-Mo



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