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Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project,Incorporated into the ''Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program''

*  category: Railways
*  Business category: Scheduled news conferences
*  Publish Date: 2017-05-05
*  Units: Railway Reconstruction Bureau
*  Content:

The Executive Yuan is to launch a program to expand infrastructure investment in Taiwan - the ''Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program''. Those parts of the program related to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Railway Reconstruction Bureau include: The currently under-construction ''South-Link Line Railway Electrification Project'', and ''Tainan Urban District Underground Railway Project'', also the ''Chiayi Project'' and the ''Taipei - Yilan New Rail Line'', which are at the comprehensive planning stage, as well as the ''Hualien - Taitung Double Track Electrification Project'', ''Keelung Light Rail'','' Hengchun Sightseeing Line'', and the ''Donggang Sightseeing Line'', which are at the feasibility study stage.
In order to understand infrastructure circumstances in the Chiayi area, Premier Lin Chuan visited the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project on March 12th, 2017. Premier Lin said that both President Tsai and the Executive Yuan attached great importance to the case, which would be incorporated into the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. Premier Lin stressed that the elevated railway is the beginning of change for Chiayi. It will not only bring traffic and transportation benefits, but can also improve the overall urban environment. It is hoped that making a good job of hardware and software construction, as well as the development of tourism and industry, and improving the urban living environment will be taken into consideration
Premier Lin pointed out that the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project had been put forward many years ago, and has been hindered by the financial burden on city government. Now the Executive Yuan has re-examined the project, and made adjustments on the issue of funding burden. The comprehensive plan has been submitted to the Executive Yuan.
The main items of engineering of the Chiayi Urban District Elevated Railway Project are: Rail line three-dimensional engineering, construction of two elevated stations (North Chiayi and Chiayi Station) and one surface station (Tropic of Cancer Station), as well as relocating Chiayi vehicle base to Shuishang. The range extends north to the northern end of the Niuchou River, and south to the southern end of Tropic of Cancer Station, and has a total length of approximately 10.9 km. The project''s scheduled period is nine years, with a total cost of about NT$27.586 billion, of which Chiayi City Government''s burden is NT$3.89 billion.

*  Contact: Chung Cheng-hsien
*  Phone: 89691900
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